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This gorgeous enamel pendant necklace is a real unique long neck piece.

The seaweed motif pendant is individually designed, hand cut with a piercing saw out of pure copper, drilled, domed with numerous doming irons, filed and sanded. 

Once the pendant was ready, it got cleaned and filed before it got its several enamel layers fired on.



Enameling process has been used for hundreds of years. Enameling means that the finely grinded colourful glass gets burned on a copper or silver piece in a very special oven on 900 degrees, applying several layers depending on the colour.

This specific necklace got precisely dusted with white, sea green, pink and Prussian blue coloured enamel powder.

Every colour is individually got fired in the kiln, than dusted and fired again 2 more times to achieve its magically uneven colours.

The carefully made pieces get hand assembled, and they hang gracefully on  a silver coloured long lightweight chain.

Every piece of enamel jewellery is a piece of art. They develop their colours differently every single time, hence they are totally unique, and cannot be duplicated.

'PINK CORAL' enamel pendant necklace

SKU: 0002
Color: pink
  • This necklace comes with a lightweight chain on the picture unless you opt for a matching silk cords of your choice (recommended pink or navy blue). The cords are closing with fully hand made coiled end cups. Please message me to let me know your choice when shopping.

    The centre piece measures approximately 9 cm in length.

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