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This gorgeous statement enamel necklace is a real unique neckpiece.

The motif is individually designed, hand cut with a piercing saw out of pure copper, drilled countless times, domed with numerous doming irons, soldered, filed and sanded. 

Once the pieces got ready, they got cleaned burned several times with different colored enamel layers.



Allow us to tell you more about this magical piece you are about to purchase:

Enamelling process has been used for thousands of years. The enamel artist uses finely grinder glass what is being burned on a copper, silver or gold piece in a very special oven (kiln), applying several layers depending on the colour. Every colour is getting individually fired on 850 degrees celsius, than dusted and fired again 2-3 times to achieve this magically uneven colours what characterise every enamel jewellery. 

Every piece of enamel jewellery is a piece of art. They develop their colours organically, hence they are unique, and can never be duplicated.


'SEA URCHIN' enamel necklace

  • This necklace comes with matching silk cords.

    The centre piece pendant measures approximately 18 cm in lenght.

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