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These uniques pieces of Maltese cross enamel earrings are real eye catchers, designed only for the daring. 
You must be special to wear it, and it will make you feel special... I guarantee it. 

These drop earrings are cut from a sheet of copper, drilled, hand filed to perfection.

Once the pieces were ready, they got cleaned and filed than it got its several enamel layers.

Enameling process was already used in the Chinese empire thousands of years ago. The process includes several layers of glass powder being fused on the copper surface  in a kiln repeatedly depending on the color.

These specific earrings got precisely dusted with white, black colored enamel powder. Every color is individually got fired in a 900 degree klin. Than dusted and fired again, 3 more times to achieve its magically uneven colors.
After perfection, these lovely cross elements got assembled with matching crystals and ear hooks.

Every piece of enamel jewelry is a piece of art. They develop their colors differently every single time, hence they are totally unique, and cannot be duplicated.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ― Marcus Aurelius

‘MALTESE CROSS IN B&W’ enamel long earrings

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