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How do you ship?    


All shipping is done registered, normally within 1-3 working days in case it is in stock, 2-3 weeks if it is not in stock or custom ordered.

You will receive an email containing your tracking code when your order is shipped so that you can track the shipment. Multiple items (ordered together) will be boxed together. All items are shipped in packaging suitable for gifting, and we will gladly separate multiple items into single packages if you specify, during checkout, that the items are for multiple recipients. We will also ship directly to alternate recipients when you notify us


Do you ship internationally?          


We ship to Canada, Australia and Europe. If you are from another country and would like to purchase, please contact us and we will investigate your country’s restrictions. Some countries require customs fees and/or import taxes for which the buyer is entirely responsible.


Do you accept returns?     


If you don't love your piece please let us know within a week of receipt and we will arrange a return or exchange. If returning, please send back in the original packaging. Refunds will exclude shipping costs. 


What are enamels?    


Enameling is the ancient craft of bonding silica (glass) to a metal substrate. There are many different enameling techniques but the one I use most often is a sifting technique. Modern materials and techniques offer the artist an entire palette of colors from which to design her creations in glass. Please see our “About” page for more information.


Do you accept custom orders? 


We are happy to discuss minor changes (like color or size) in many of the designs you see. Please drop us a note with your requests.


How do I care for my enamel jewellery?


Because enamel is glass, it is somewhat scratch and abrasion resistant; but for that same reason enamels can chip or crack if struck with reasonable force. Enamel pieces, like all glass are brittle and should not be bent or dropped onto a hard surface. To clean, simply wipe with a moist cloth and dry thoroughly.


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