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ABOUT US jewelry idea was born in Malta in 2012 as Virag ‘s third baby.
As a mother of two amazing humans, Virág is an energetic jewellery designer from Budapest Hungary, where she studied and practiced law. She lived in Italy, UK, New Zealand and Switzerland, but she left it all behind for a dream of living in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with her husband and start creating her own wearable jewellery art. Her unique creations are shipping close and far reaching Africa, Australia and the United States.

Virag is self taught, and also the only enamel artist of the Maltese islands. Her main jewelry profile is enamelling which involves fusing glass on pure metal surface on a temperature as high as 800 degrees Celsius.


Enamel technique is a very old way of fusing metal surfaces with glass, we might all know the famous Faberge eggs which are exquisite examples of this unique technique.

Colourful glass is being grinded into powder and applied on metal pieces before it gets melted on the metal surface in a 850 degrees celsius kiln. 

Every new colour on the surface requires a new application and new firing, hence the enamel pieces are exclusively hand made, and their making is painfully time consuming. 

At the same time the end result is a shiny glass surface with amazing organic colours and the feeling of the depths of the ocean.


Every piece of enamel jewellery is a unique piece of art, since the colours develop differently every single time, hence they cannot be duplicated.

Because enamel processed jewelries are always different, it gives its wearers an exclusive feel. 

Virag Andersson Jewellery pieces are full of mediterranean vibe, inspired by the azure blue sea, golden sand and warming orange sun of the Maltese islands.

Colourful sea creatures, branches of dream like forests, and gemstones nesting beautifully on these powerful statement jewellery.

Virag's jewellery pieces are normally lacking symmetry, and they emphasise the independent, strong women who is not afraid to be different and follow her own path. 

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